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Feb 2013
The leaves are upon the ground,
Drowning out all signs of life.
Not one sound
As everything finally dies.

I sit here with loneliness,
It's leaking into my mind.
All of my bones,
Absorb the wine.

Life is gone,
And is slowly being ****** out of me.
I am a pawn,
alone with insanity.

Making up scenarios,
Of how I wish things to be.
My imagination grows,
And takes
over a part of me.

The sky is now black,
And death fills the air.
There's no going back
We've already been there.

Depression, and angst,
Are all that are hear.
Your pain,
Is terribly

Happiness is a virtue,
It's impossible to attain here.
Don't let it desert you,
Hold it dear.

Alone with loneliness,
And I can't shake it.
Into the abyss I go,
With not a place to sit.
Chelsea Hopkins
Written by
Chelsea Hopkins  Dayton, Ohio
(Dayton, Ohio)   
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