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Apr 11
The sound of sirens line the air arround your head and down your lungs
And all creation seems to dance arround somewhere between your ears
A thick fog starts to lay itself onto the shards that fate as flung
Across this floor that can't stay still, maybe into your eyes, you fear

We're in the light but we can't see that you might have been swept away
We went everywhere you could be but it looks like you're there to stay

Many vessels patrol the seas to catch your planks in nets of light
Behind railings we scream at you but you're just dancing on our waves
Every arm that reaches for you is just another one to fight
And you would rather ride the wave, keep waiting for the floor to cave

We're in the light but we can't see why you would cast yourself away
We looked everywhere you could be but it was too late anyway

The sea's now red ships still sail by but won't run out of noise to make
You kept your mouth shut in the waves but it looks like your mind did drown
And now only tremors remain, slowly fading out in your wake
And everyone slowly floats back home with a new tale to share in town
Written by
Nicolas Fargette  24/M/France
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