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Feb 2013
I laid there
Forced awake by my mind's eye
and suddenly i realized i've always known you

i've always known it would be you
my heart
my whole
my happiness

dreadfully lost in your own world of worlds.
left behind and forgotten

have you met me yet?
I've met you.

here, there.

in my dreams you were always hiding
ever present in my newest nightmares

lost. so lost.

i'd care for you
i care for you

someday, you let me love you.
it's not here yet

sleep. no sleep.
lather, rinse, repeat

the stars whisper the future
they've already seen

the dress.
the dance.
the intamicy

I was her and you were he.
and i laid there

i laid there entangled in you.
i laid there entangled in me
i laid there
Elizabeth A Babin
Written by
Elizabeth A Babin
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