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Apr 2019
Life went from college and working, traveling with no rest. This all changed with a pregnancy test.

Long naps, mood swings and craving unhealthy snacks. To sleepless nights, kicks in the ribs, heartburn that made my chest flare. I knew you would have a lot of hair.

On April 6th, you were born. After 3 days of labour, it was hell and I was torn. 8 lbs 1 oz with black hair and blue eyes, with the loudest cry.

Life then went from a quite room to one full of cries at night. Rocking you in the cradle swing, listening to nursery rhymes and to you I'd sing.

Endless amounts of diapers filling the trash, freaking out over a mild rash. Tummy time on the play mat, crawling on the floor, now preventing you from running out the door.

Now I'm stepping on toys, buying bigger clothing sizes in toddler boys. Spending extra money I could of saved, making me want to crawl into a cave.

But I cherish every day. Through all the screaming, teething, random bites, when putting you into clothing is a fight.

Even when you make me sleep half way off the bed, repeat words that I shouldn't of said. The cuddles during nap time, watching Sesame Street, tickling your chubby feet.

In 4 days, it will be your birthday! Hooray! With all the stress of birthday plans, I'm so happy for my little man.

Watching you grow up is all your mom could ask for. Happy early birthday my little explorer.
For my son Jacob Rigel Alcantar.
Chloe Zafonte
Written by
Chloe Zafonte  22/F/United States
(22/F/United States)   
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