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Feb 2013
I had a panic attack yesterday.
I can feel it in the pit of my stomach,
It’s waiting, waiting to rise again.
I can’t explain to you what happened,
I was just in the car on the way to work
And it built up in me and shuddered
I could feel it in my head
And in my stomach and my lungs
Until I couldn’t breathe and then
That’s when the tears started
And I tried so hard to understand
What could have set it off –
What made it happen so quickly,
Would it ever come back?
It terrified me, I think
Almost as much as it did my father
Who comforted me as I wiped my eyes
And remembered how to breathe
And stopped shaking, stopped the trembles
And stepped out of the car
And went to work
And tried so hard to forget
That I had a panic attack yesterday,
That I can feel it in the pit of my stomach,
It’s waiting, it’s waiting,
(And I’m waiting, too),
Waiting for it to rise again.
Written by
TheRisingStar  Manhattan
   y i k e s and BarelyABard
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