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Feb 2013
The girl with "the name like a song"
Now has scars 
Feels so alone
Felt the need to change even though she is beyond beautiful 

The girl with the giggles
Can barely sleep anymore
Everyone she loves slips out of her grasp
My gorgeous friend 
Never feels pretty anymore
Though she is perfect to me

The girl with the 'asian eyes' ;)
Tall,skinny,beautiful hair
Yet scars on her arms 
I can't understand how someone so amazing
Can feel so alone and mistreated

The girl with the contagious laugh
Never seems sad
Always laughing so hard
But she's so sad on the inside
But she is so incredible

The girl with the "hospital swag" ;)
Never seen not laughing and smiling
But she's slowly slipping away
Not able to see how important she is

They all are so beautiful,so unique
They just can't see it
I wish there was I way I could show them
Make them see how important they really are
Gorgeous people treated so wrong
In my eyes,they are the most extraordinary people 
And I hope they can see that
Sorry,this *****. A lot. I'm sorry if I put in false information. And sorry if I forgot anyone. If just wanted to write something to my friends who are very important to me. I hope they can understand  which part is for them. If any of you want me to take this down,I will
r l
Written by
r l  Boston
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