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Mar 2019
I am walking a silent corridor of faces.
Every person I’ve ever spoken to.
The hall goes on and on, never ceasing.
How many lives have I Impacted?
Have I affected even on?
Who remembers me?
Will my name be on the lips of others when I am gone?
I’ve tried to live my life with no regrets.
“who would I be without my mistakes?”
Yet I can’t help but wonder.
how many lives have I ruined?
What's worse, oblivion, Or infamy?
Truth be told I don’t want to die alone.
There wouldn't be single person to hear my last words.
Not missed or mourned.
And maybe it’s for the best
By the time I’m dead and gone, those who know me may breathe a sigh of relief
Maybe it’s for the better, who would suffer after the death of a miser?
Written by
Eddie  15/M
   Fawn and Michelle E Alba
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