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Michelle E Alba Mar 2019
I love to see people
LOVE one another.
I miss those days
of passing notes
and meeting in person
just to say hey.

Or those long nights
of chatting on the phone for hours.
Listening to slow jams and
telling each other your greatest desires.

Full of Romance.
Filled with Friendship.
Loads of Laughter.

both the curse
and the blessing.
Michelle E Alba Mar 2019
like poetry in motion.
like the motion of the ocean.

Fluid like a breeze
passin with great ease,
Movin through the branches
Dancin through the leaves.

Flowin like my mind,
Going over time,
puffin on some trees,
Like truth I’m bout to find.
Stayin on my grind.
Leavin fear behind.
Blastin through the cosmos
like my stars are all aligned.
Quantum physics redefined,
The beauty of being kind.
Travel thru dimensions,
A universal mastermind.

This illusory time
alluding to retain us-
Yet the conscious mind
refuses to contain us.

Recondition of the masses,
Before time comes to pass us.
before it’s all too late
Start movement to change
Let’s wake each other up
Let’s take control over our fate.

Again and again,
Love it till it’s over,
live it till it’s fin.

A reflection of your life spent,
a vessel that you’ve been lent,
so go forth with intent.

Gratitude for all worth
Know you are important
Every breath, and all birth.

Your light that resides true
In the poetry inside you.
The vibration stays fluid,
Like the love that is intuit.
You’re a medium— a conduit.
Yeah, now you’re catchin onto it.

High frequency—-
Waves of love
True vibrancy,
you are free of.

Faith in self,
No need for vaunt,
lovin what you have
not havin what you want.
Give it all you got
till you got nothin left,
Then take the deepest breath
And give it once again.
Michelle E Alba Mar 2019
Clinging to my artistic integrity,
like its full of helium
And about to float away from me.

My poetic release in a world of uncertainty,
Gives me control,
no one to manipulate me.

At a time of utter disregard
for human decency,
This artistic exclamation is my relief.

From the chaos of personal grief
And misunderstandings
and unjust decrees.

How is it that we can no longer SEE
each other at all,
for the light that we bring?
Michelle E Alba Mar 2019
Reminiscent of the way your voice resonated in my ears as you sang to yourself softly.

You caressed my neck with a gentle strength,
and the compounds of time dissolved as the moment took control over us both.

In that moment, I was yours.
Not quite strangers, but not yet lovers,
just two longing humans in each others embrace.

Bound to you by the frequencies which emanated through each one of your fingertips,
surging into my body,
next into my psyche,
and finally then— my soul.
Michelle E Alba Mar 2019
True bliss comes
in reinvention of the self,
when zero
expectations are held.

Yet you still
have full faith
in the numerous
possibilities that await.
Michelle E Alba Mar 2019
I’m so wrapped up in you,
your voice is music to me.
Synonymous to the scent of
a salty ocean breeze.

Like a whiff of the first bud
on a wild rose blooming,
or the violet sensations
of magnolias in spring.

It sings to my soul,
like it’s all I’d ever need
to be completely fulfilled
and eternally pleased.

A melodic symphony,
of a thousand strings,
so powerful it moves me
to the core of my being.

To get lost in you,
comes with so much ease,
encompassed in your presence,
as if all time has ceased.
Michelle E Alba Mar 2019
Fantasizing of a love that’s real,
To quell this hopeful romantic,
Of old tainted promises and feels.

A bond far beyond all that traverses,
A loyalty that’s unbreakable,
Traveling dimensions and universes.

Unable to be destroyed or dismembered,
Unassailable in its roots,
Yet vulnerable to remember.

All the ups, as well as all the downs.
The daunting fears and the woes,
The worrisome cries with the frowns.

Love that has faced true consequences,
Made such immense sacrifice,
Defying all common senses.

Always and forever choosing one another,
Despite hardships or challenges,
Standing strong by each other.

No longer give in, until truth, I refrain
As I wait to behold that lover-
Hopefully romantic I shall remain.
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