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Mar 2019
How do I function
Why am I this way
I try so hard to love myself
But even though I try hard
I know that I’m not really trying at all
I know that I miss you
I know that I love you
I want you to be mine
I wish I could get into your head
I wish I could see how you feel
I know you tell me
But the problem is I can’t tell if it’s true or not
All I know is that sometimes
I feel like I’m not enough
Like I’ll never be enough
Tell me I’ll be enough
Tell me you love me
Tell me you want to be with me
And if that’s not the case
Tell me to move on
Tell me we can’t be together
Just please tell me how you really feel
You can’t go from talking to me every night
To talking to me once a week
To talking to me once a month
This is killing me
You used to say goodnight
You used to tell me I’m cute
Now I don’t get a goodnight
I don’t get a you’re cute
I don’t know what’s happening
Do you just not have time for me anymore
Or is it that you just don’t want time for me
Was I too much
Did I come off too strong
Did I?
Did I?
Grace Butler
Written by
Grace Butler  F/Minnesota
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