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Mar 2019
Narcissistic is not just a toxic relationship with your boyfriend of one year. It can be a parent, a friend, a cousin or someone you love, dear.

  It's when they give up their own responsibilities to depend on you for money, childcare or a ride in the car. If you confront them. Your luck won't go very far.

  You'll belittle you over one little mistake like not washing a dish or leaving a crumb on the table. Restrict you from friends, lovers, family because they're you're parent, partner or whatever it is the label.

   You'll be made to feel unworthy and treated like trash. Take pride in authority as you become their slave. Every peer will be brought up to hate you and you'll be the highlight to bash.  

  You'll be trapped, items will be stolen from you, they'll hurt your children, you will be framed and blamed for what you didn't do. Call the police, tell a friend or relative. But no one will believe it because they've manipulated everyone but you!

  A pretty face or kind demeanor is the who they appear. Your peers will becoming sheep to their lies with words such as " I'm a person of God" and many hoaxed stories to tell. Cross them, your life will become the fifth layer of hell.

  When confronted they fabricate it with lies such as " I do this for you" when you get no benefit from the deed. You can argue with them all day, but refuse to take heed.

  They will monitor your activities, making you feel like a juvenile. "You can't use this no longer" and send you miles away to do so. You'll never be good enough for their home. Wait for an escape for quite a while.

  You can bend over backwards for this said person and nothing will be good enough. Clean their home! Give them money, drive them to work, love them with soul. Their hatred for you never grow old.

  You are nothing but an object. You are free ***, an ATM, a chance to get drunk or high, or a tax return. You'll be nothing but inheritance or sympathy when or if you die.

    When you finally escape this slavery. You will have scars, passing the neighborhood where it happened, hearing their name in a conversation, or coming across something they gave you long ago. If anything, celebrate your bravery!

  You escaped such a harsh time, you stood up for yourself when it cost everything. You are living life without the person you thought you'd die without. You are a warrior without a doubt.
For the men and women who've put up with a parent, friend, partner or authority they made your life hell. If you are no longer in that situation I'm proud of you.
Chloe Zafonte
Written by
Chloe Zafonte  22/F/United States
(22/F/United States)   
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