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Feb 2019
Won’t you take me back to a time before
When life was simple no one keeping score
When I was full of innocence and total trust
Before the dreams that I held turned to dust
I was filled with a sense of awe and wonder
I heard you in the soft wind and in the thunder
Over the years that faith has slowly faded
And life’s experiences have left me jaded
Won’t you take me back to when I was a child
Young and free, rambunctious and wild
I would leap off and with perfect faith I know
You would catch me and never let me go
You would set me right where I needed to be
I could safely be anything. With you, I could be me
I feel sometimes as though I’ve forgotten your voice
I’ve been distracted and concerned with the other noise
Help me relearn Lord like a child once again
To recognize the sound of your voice and then
To listen for you purposefully and with great care
In the stillness and silence I feel the breath of air
The spirit is moving and lifting and healing
The very word of God in truth revealing
Come upon me and illuminate the dark
I love your law for it helps me hit the mark
I know I can’t go back to where it all began
I know that it is all a part of your great plan
But if I could know again a little joy and laughter
It would help remind me why and what it is I’m after
Someday you will take me back and I’ll be home once more
To be with Him for all eternity: Jesus Christ my Savior and Lord
Written by
ShowYouLove  United States
(United States)   
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