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Feb 2019
Imagine how much larger cities were
Back when you had to walk through them
Walls and pathways unraveling
Roofs chewing through the skies
It would be the only one you'd see
You wouldn't see it all
And thousands faces everyday
Thousands of doors going their way
And milions of windows
Which would see the world once a day
To each their tired strident noise
To each their tiny room

You would carve your street through your feet
And you would know what its name means
Remember what some walls meant
Or what some would be trying to
Many great things you'd like to see
Were simply built for you to see
By people who died long ago
But meant to show you some nice things
To live around and die under
They wouldn't have bothered
If they didn't think you'd be there

Walls seem to stand against the seas
Of leaves , water, or flying sand
While signs would tell you where you are
And tell you where to go
All around arms dance through the air, try
Looking for somewhere new to build
A place where you could have beeen born
And see what can be done
In that place where grandparents played
Where many grandkids would
Under a flag that stood so close

Soon serenity will prevail
And sky begins to lose its grip
On former people's houses
Gently sinking into the past
Some chiseled bricks
Will lay to rest beneath the silent waves
As forgotten as you
were already long ago
Then nobody more would know
Please do something
Because I haven't seen Venice yet
I've been told old rocks have been pilled up on eachother in a quite meaningful way there
Written by
Pointless Circle  26/M/France
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