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Feb 12
I don't mind this life,
But imagine
The advancement
If I were actually allowed to live it fully.

I weren't bogged down with:
Health insurance,
Rent payments,
Grocery bills,
Late night escapades,
Social frolicking,
Experience at large and
At small...

Imagine the things I could do.

Imagine the things I would see
With my third eye,
My left elbow,
My Jane's apple,
My fortitude of fortification,
If I were allowed to roam free
My own mind.

I distract myself
To avoid
Becoming myself.

A victim of the thing I loathe
To the vice
I detest

A maggot
In a hive
Of maggots

Writhing and squirming
To an end
They were silently ordered to

Never chosen
Or by their own fruition

To become.

How do we break free
Of the shackles
We were born in?

How do we escape
The labyrinth
Of societies honey and
Technologies advancements, so
To dupe us
Into thinking I have reached I
Or we
Have reached


I do not know
I do not know

I do not know
If this message

Can no longer

Mitchell Duran
Written by
Mitchell Duran
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