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Apr 2010
When did you feel like you couldn’t quite breathe?
Deep down inside you knew it wasn’t make-believe
That your very soul you thought was gone with the breeze
Crept up from behind and knocked you to your knees?

What did you see, when you looked into those eyes?
The dreams you almost ended at once materialized
You met the kindred spirit that eluded you for years
And everything once cloudy became gloriously clear.

How sweet did it taste when your lips began to touch?
Only now you can imagine wanting something so much
Every time you lean in close for just one more kiss
It’s one move closer to the life you’ve sorely missed

Why, despite the risks, do you listen to your heart?
‘Cause the consequences are worse than ever getting caught
To go on living…knowing you let it slip right by
You’d never truly know what it was to be alive.

Where is it written that you get just one dance?
That pure, unclouded paths lead to passion that lasts?
What makes you whole arrives when you expect it least
And makes its way down a much less traveled street.

Who knew that you’d rekindle such a rush of desire?
It’s been too many years since I felt this inspired.
When I thought I should leave but my heart wouldn’t move

…that’s when I knew.
Written by
Robin Russell  F/Texas
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