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Apr 2010
Seems to me that living large is far too overrated
When I hit the wall it became far too complicated
When it stopped being fun I was altogether numb
Looked over my shoulder; couldn't see from where I'd come

Been driven forever toward everything I thought I wanted
Believed that's what mattered.... but now I'm just exhausted
Not sure these days who I was trying to impress, anyway
With a false sense of success I could never break away.

In the chase to have it all I became overextended
Seeing it clearly now, it's not the life I intended
If I never have the chance to tell you face-to-face
Your touch on my heart opened a place of grace

My thoughts are filled with hope and contrition
For what I know is the truth is quite the contradiction
The life I created for myself was completely untrue
Then I knew what it could be when I came to know you.

Should our eyes never meet, you'll not see my gratitude
But I can tell you, at least, so it's clearly understood
Your gifts have inspired a soul worth exploring
My appreciation grows for a person worth knowing.
Written by
Robin Russell  F/Texas
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