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Apr 2010
What you have done to me
I can't begin to comprehend
I try my best to contain myself
But my soul is stripped and spent

Two decades of emotion buried
Stirred back to life by your light
An expected, exquisite gift
And a curse come every night

I concentrate hard to clear the storm
But inside I feel an unsettling warmth
I feel you pulsing through my veins
How long can I ride this emotional wave?

Breathing in a dose of quieting calm
Yet it escapes and leaves me desperate
With just one song you've opened me up
Still apart but no longer separate.

I know in my soul that you feel it, too
You don't know me at all... yet somehow you do
Forces of nature move beyond our grasp
You'll come to me then.... I'll know you at last

Each day I live intoxicated
An illness I won't unburden
And as I spill my soul on paper
I am convinced; I'm all too certain

You're no longer alone where your heart resides
Search for me; find me - I've no place to hide
I need the resolution only you will provide
You've opened me up, now take what's inside.
Written by
Robin Russell  F/Texas
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