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Jan 2013
"Man of Science"
'Man of Faith'
"Man of Order"
'Man of Will'
"Good Decisions"
'Fun Decisions!'
'Yeah, Fun'
"Jumping out of a moving car was fun?"
'Hell yeah, loads of fun'
"It nearly got us killed,"
'Just felt right'
"Right, and that jump that broke both our elbows? Did that just feel right too?"
'I swear we could’ve made that jump'
"Well I know we didn’t. What about deciding to date Her?"
'…What about it? Was it a bad decision?'
"Well it ended badly"
'But it was fun at the time'
"Getting cheated on was fun?"
'No, but walking through the park all day was'
"Well, yeah. But that’s not-"
'And what about the dance?'
"Ok the dance was a lot of fun but Heart-"
'And admit it Brain, you loved the way She held your hand'
"Heart you-"
'Admit it Brain'
"You’re not list-"
'Admit it'
"HEART! You’re missing the point"
'What point?'
"Heart, it almost killed you when it ended"
'Almost, you saved me Brain'
"And I’m trying to save you now"
'By preventing a fun decision?'
"By stopping you from making the same mistake with the same girl!"
'But it’s Her. I’ll make it work'
"How do you know it will for both of us?"
'How do you know it won’t?'
"Because, I am a Man of Science"
'Then, I am a Man of Faith'
A duel of dualities
Loud Introvert
Written by
Loud Introvert  Texas
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