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Loud Introvert Jan 2015
We all live next to different highways
We eventually pick a spot and stick with it
I get there early by mistake
I make myself busy and help Caleb get the beers
Before we go back inside we crack one
Just him and me sitting in the bed of his truck
Soon everyone trickles in and we get to work
We make half assed toast with true blue friends
We laugh at old jokes and new stories
We smoke outside in the cold together
As the promised rain doesn't come
And it almost feels like it used to be
As the night winds down we hear scattered explosions
We debate between fireworks or shotgun blasts
I wake up to the rhythm of rain on the window
I gather my things strewn about by last night
I say thanks and goodbye to a half awake Caleb
And walk out the door
The rain usher me and the new year in
As what was old is new again
I came back home for New Year's with the old gang
Loud Introvert Feb 2013
I remember You
I remember the things You said
The little jokes,
That always made me smile.
The late night talks,
That seemed to last a lifetime.
The sweet nothings,
That left me speechless.
The promises,
That You kept and broke.

I remember You,
I remember the things we did.
The games we played with each other,
That always ended with us together
The spring showers
Spent running in the rain hand in hand
The long summer days
Spent almost attached to each other
The autumn nights
Wishing that we had more time

I remember You,
I remember the places You took me.
The streets of the city at night,
The focal point of our long walks.
The park by our neighborhood,
That we visited much too often.
The cheesy romantic restaurant,
Where I loved to be with You.
The window sill of your bedroom,
Where we said our Hello’s and Goodbye’s.

I remember You,
I remember how it all felt.
How it felt to first meet You.
How it felt to have Your hand in mine.
How it felt to first kiss You.
How it felt when You left.
Then there are the things I don’t remember,
And I find they are the most important.
I don’t remember how I should feel now,
I don’t remember if You remember me.
Loud Introvert Jan 2013
It starts harmless a tickle in your toes
But then it goes up, to your shins
They get tense, ready to run
It goes higher, up your leg
Past your hips straight towards your gut
Then it becomes emotions not just a tingle
A mix of guilt, anger, and fear
It’s antagonizing, but it's not over
Next it travels to your chest,
Your breathing becomes strained, your heart beats faster
And faster, until you feel like you're running laps
Up your throat, you feel like you swallowed a golf ball
And like your throat will burst at any moment
Finally it reaches your head, your mouth
Your teeth start chattering
It reaches its goal
Your brain
You feel the emotions again
And Fear
But this time they're much stronger
You don't know what to call it
So you simply call it
A Strange Feeling
Loud Introvert Jan 2013
"Man of Science"
'Man of Faith'
"Man of Order"
'Man of Will'
"Good Decisions"
'Fun Decisions!'
'Yeah, Fun'
"Jumping out of a moving car was fun?"
'Hell yeah, loads of fun'
"It nearly got us killed,"
'Just felt right'
"Right, and that jump that broke both our elbows? Did that just feel right too?"
'I swear we could’ve made that jump'
"Well I know we didn’t. What about deciding to date Her?"
'…What about it? Was it a bad decision?'
"Well it ended badly"
'But it was fun at the time'
"Getting cheated on was fun?"
'No, but walking through the park all day was'
"Well, yeah. But that’s not-"
'And what about the dance?'
"Ok the dance was a lot of fun but Heart-"
'And admit it Brain, you loved the way She held your hand'
"Heart you-"
'Admit it Brain'
"You’re not list-"
'Admit it'
"HEART! You’re missing the point"
'What point?'
"Heart, it almost killed you when it ended"
'Almost, you saved me Brain'
"And I’m trying to save you now"
'By preventing a fun decision?'
"By stopping you from making the same mistake with the same girl!"
'But it’s Her. I’ll make it work'
"How do you know it will for both of us?"
'How do you know it won’t?'
"Because, I am a Man of Science"
'Then, I am a Man of Faith'
A duel of dualities
Loud Introvert Jan 2013
What tragedy it is to be human.
To think yourself so mighty and all knowing,
Superior to all other creatures.
To stand upon a mountain top,
And crown yourself king.
To proclaim: I AM MAN
As if it means anything
To believe you are invincible,
And strong enough to hold the stars in your hand.
Strong enough to cheat even death.
When you know better.

You know you are weak and blind,
Powerless to your surroundings and fate.
You know to cower in the shadows of the cosmos
Hide from the giants you stand among.
You know you are mortal,
Ever aware of your eventual doom.
Always knowing that you will wither and die.
That no matter how much you fight,
You will die.
And that is the greatest tragedy of all.

What tragedy to be human
To always be full of doubt and fear
Yet wishing to be anything but
To be powerless over your fate
Yet proclaiming total control
To know the sheer insignificance of your existence,
The irrelevance of anything you do, of everything you know.
Yet denying that truth every second
To continue on
Despite all the facts
What terrible tragedy it is to be human
About the human condition.
Loud Introvert Jan 2013
I was quiet for so long
I couldn’t take it anymore
So now I’m big and loud
I like- love it

Now when I whisper
Quiet rooms beg to be filled with sound
And I beg to be heard

I beg to be told my opinions matter
And my points are valid
That I did good
And didn’t make myself a fool

Now to be told to listen
Would mean to be silent
And silence would be tragedy
Slow, suffering, silent, torture

So now I talk and yell all day
To anyone who will hear me
Refusing to listen
Refusing to be quiet once more

So I shout
And cry
And say
Best read out loud

— The End —