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Feb 4
Destiny. Is that all i have, was i predisposed to write a song, try my hardest but still fail, like a small dog, chasing his tail. In the music industry, 6 to 1,and I know i can grow and the whole world will see. But my chains still follow, and i'm tired of it, but i can't help, but remember my past. I don't want to count on this poem getting big, and that be the only way i eat. Born a coward, will i always be?

No, my destiny isn't me, i'm a beautiful creation, and i'm being set free. Away from the darkness, away from evil, away from hopelessness, away from she. Put my fingers on a pen or a pencil, and write me heart, best as i can, to the point where the world will finally see me for what i am. A Lion, hoping for a chance at life, then BAM! There, away, goes all my pain and strife.

I was never born to be content, always believed i would greater, a singer, song
writer, and author, so call me a verbal slayer. I know that some just won’t believe, and that’s their destiny, to lack a future where they have someone as awesome as me! But if they lack me, they never had the need, and that's just fine, I'll see them when we’re freed from this mortal seed.

But the lights go out, now I wait for them to dim. I want to make it big, but so far, all i do is sin. And i'm out of place and out of fashion, running last in a race that aint lasting…. I need a leader, need a guide, need a Jekyll to my Mr. Hyde! Need something to hold onto, some sort of mental clarity, but things like that, in this cruel world, are a ******* rarity.

So I slam on the breaks and out the car I go. And i fall and fall till I land in a blanket of beautifully ruined snow. There is no oasis, and there is no way to be set free. No peace of mind…. Not for me. Nor anyone else that chases happiness or bliss. Because, eventually you’ll all fall into the snow filled with ****.
Postal Leo
Written by
Postal Leo  16/M/Good Ol' Texas
(16/M/Good Ol' Texas)   
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