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Jan 2013
I came by you innocently
But I was driven by ****** urges
Used as the devil’s advocate
To commit wrong
Words cannot make the pain
Go away
Or erase the thoughts of me
Of what I did
I never saw
Until now
Your innocence
That smile
Noble heart
Now I know
I took apart of you
That can’t be retrieved
I know you are tormented
By memories
Flash backs
And even if I die
You would still be trapped
By the pain
So before I leave this earth
Few words I like to share
I am sorry
I am sorry
I am sorry
Ponders thoughts
A loud screams
Begins to sob
I have locked away my horror
But still it torments me
Make me unable to breathe
To sleep
To think clearly
It makes me want to die
So badly
I want my body to rot
I wish not to be buried
Unworthy of such a honor
Burn me
All of what I have said
You felt it too
I end by saying
Please if you can’t forgive me
Please know
That I am sorry.

Christena AV Williams.
Jamaica W.I
This poem is connected  to  the poem " SPEAK"
Christena AV Williams
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