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Feb 2019
All I have is an
Overflowing cauldron.
My rage knows no bounds.
I refuse to put a
Cork on it.

Too many times have I
Let you walk over me.
My love has become my

Once I drowned in the pools
Of my own sadness.
Now I bask in the adrenaline of
My rage. I succumb-
To these thoughts of evil.

Regret knows me not.
Forgiveness died in the
War with my rage.

Surely but gladly,
Your head I will lay down-
On the softest of cotton.
I will read scriptures for the Goodness there once was
Of you.

Then Psalms will I say,
In all my fury for you.

Your door I will close peacefully, As the second to last
Of your chapter.
I'll talk to your shiny black door,
I'll lay you down in that which  You came from.
A thick brownish-red blanket
Will give you warmth but
Give you a taste of coldness.

I'll smile as if I know
Not who the culprit is.
Your chapter has ended.
From above comes

Why weep for someone evil?

I walk away with nothing but an Abyss in my chest.
Written by
Kyla Plummer  14/F/Jamaica
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