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Jan 2019
When I say I still love you
Part of me knows it’s not you
That I am still loving
But the way it felt to be yours

The other boys will never
Love me
Not like you did.

They can touch me but
My heart will never race
As it did in your embrace

They can buy me roses
But their smile
Will never compare to yours
When you see mine

They can complement me
But they don’t mean it
Not like you did
I could see that in your eyes
The way you looked at me

They could try to comfort me
But they’ll never make me feel better
They wouldn’t  know how to hold me
Or what to say

They could give me attention
But what good is that
If I’m only craving yours

They could make my favorite foods
But their cooking would never be as good as yours
I could cook with them but
They wouldn’t dance to
Your favorite songs with me

They could carry my books to class
Or walk by my side
But I’d only be dreaming of you

They could tell me they’re so proud of me
But you’re the only one I’m going on for

At the end of the day I want to call
I wanna tell
About everything
I wanna kiss
And I wanna feel

I wanna hear your voice
Your laugh
I wanna see you smile
I want you to strive

The boys they can want me
But they’ll never love me
Not like you did
Written by
Desi  20/F
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