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Jan 2013
Having a friend is really great because you can talk to them well past eight.
What you talk about that doesn't matter; you’ll do anything to waste the hours.
You share with them your ups and downs. Friends are the ones who turn frowns upside down.
They make you smile, and they hang with you. If you didn't have a friend what would you do?
You hope to never see the day, when your best friend just goes away.

For what reason? The worst of all. You caught her with some new girl at the mall.
What a dumb reason to let them go. Yes, I know, I know, I know.
But it's not my fault, I swear it's not. I've been feeling jealousy, its been coming a lot.
It’s not easy to get rid of, I've tried everything.
I hope, I pray and yes I sing. I even did a little jig.
But I'm still filled with anger when I see them together. She is my best friend but I can barely look at her.
Well she was my best friend, she meant everything to me. Why can't  I just expand our group to three?
Jealousy, thats why, I'm not even myself. Is there anyone there who can offer some help.
She’s asking me, "What ever happened to us?" Can I admit to her that I was jealous.
Will she laugh in my face when she finds out the truth?
Should I make up a lie so I don't look like a goof?
I don't know what to do, I am so confused
As I lie here in tears on the floor of my room.
I have to tell her, she has to know, I can't say goodbye, I can't let go.
Ok, I’ll tell her it’s the best thing to do, and then after I say it I will decide what to do.
If she laughs at me then I’ll see, that she loves her new friend more than she loves me.
But if she says sorry, if she is sincere, then I will know how much she cares.
There is room for three, I will make a new friend.
We will be like the three amigos, best friends till the end.
I hope she doesn't laugh, if she does I will cry.
That would tear apart my heart, it would make me die inside.
Here I go, guess there's nothing to lose. I hope I come back with really good news.

Oh no, please no, this can’t be. This can‘t really be happening to me.
I can’t go on without her hugs and I can’t live without her love.
She was like my sister, my lover, my twin.
I can't believe I just lost my very best friend.
9 freaking years just thrown away like that.
9 freaking years I wish I could take back.
Your first break-up really doesn't hurt, when you compare it to my heart that can no longer work.
It can no longer function, I'm as good as dead
Nothing can replace the 9 years that we had.
No one can replace her, there's a hole in my heart.
Lord take me now for I am broken apart.

To hell with you jealousy, why’d you ruin my life?
Why the heck are you so hard to fight.
I couldn't have stopped you, I tried so many times.
You ruined my friendship and you ruined my life.
Because of you I dread the day I was born. I'd be much happier if I was dead and gone.
My life has no purpose, have fun with your friend.
Because of you and jealousy I hang here, dead.
Michelle Nyamekye
Written by
Michelle Nyamekye  Canada
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