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Dayda Base Apr 2014
Somewhere in this vast world sits a girl
Alone and content, she speaks no love
Not a word of the racing hearts
The feather light butterflies in her belly
No whispers of fireworks illuminating her soul with but a kiss
Somewhere in this vast world sits a girl
Alone and content, she seeks no love
She knows racing hearts bleed the most when punctured
Understands that fireworks sometimes blow up in your face
Leaving permanent scars in their wake
She comprehends that should love cut her open
She'd have to watch those wonderful, colorful butterflies flutter away
While being left open to die
Somewhere in this vast world sits a girl
Alone and content...
Dayda Base Dec 2013
You're so cold
And so I am frozen
My thoughts lost in your tundra
Crystallized emotions shatter
Falling all around me like snowflakes
Each carrying a unique faith in you
Creating a frosty blanket of heartbreak
And with every step you take away from me
You crush that desperate hope I had for us
Leaving in your wake your frigid footprints
A numbing reminder...
Of the frostbite you left in my heart
Dayda Base Dec 2013
When it struck
The world shook
Glass shattered everywhere
Each shard mirroring the vast destruction
Buildings crumbled into piles of ruble
Painting the blue sky with thick,  grey smoke
The ever luminous Sun paled
Now but a glowing ember
Ending this world as we knew it...
When it struck
The world shook
A sweet wind blew
It blew until the suffocating canopy of smoke was no more
Magnificent trees bloomed from the debris
The bits of glass flew into the sky like stars
Making eternity their home
The Sun burst anew
Welcome rays encompass the atmosphere
It's warmth making love to my spirit
Something wondrous happened here
And when it struck...
The world shook.
Dayda Base Dec 2013
You had all of me
Couldn't you feel it in your hand?
Opened your fingers slightly
And I slipped through like sand
Each grain that hit the ground,
A memory unbound
By the chains that locked you in my heart
Until each touch...
Each kiss...
Fell into the infinite dark
I thought we made a whole when we combined, us two
But I must've been full of myself
To believe I had even half of you.
Dayda Base Oct 2013
Tears fall on my lap
At times I don't love myself
My thoughts poison me
Dayda Base Feb 2013
Quiet lips
Screaming thoughts
They say to 'Let it out"
But why should I?
I may not know what they are
But I know you have them
Your secrets
A sludge built up in your mind
That you can't scrub away
Because you'd rather let it build up
Than Let it out
They are grotesque
Those sealed wounds that refuse to heal
Hey you!
I'll show you mine...
If you show me yours... ... ...
Dayda Base Feb 2013
Careful who you trust
They may stab you in the heart
I learned too early
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