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Dec 2018
I wanna **** myself

That’s a scary statement right?
It usually is to me too.
Not right now
Right now I just wanna die
It seems easier

There’s something wrong with me
I’m ****** up in my head
People tell me I’m moody,
They say I’m over emotional,
That I have a bad temper and a short fuse
But they don’t realize I have no control
The littlest thing can set me off
And I don’t know why

I just wanna **** myself
I wish a truck would just crash into me
Then maybe people would feel bad for me
They wouldn’t just say aw she’s crazy
I just wanna die


I’m too ******* lazy
Cause what if I fail at that too?
Then it’s a whole thing and im stuck in this hell hole expect now my parents would be up my *** ever further than they already are.
Written by
Anna Sophia  F
       --- and ThatBrokenOne
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