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Anna Sophia Aug 2019
I struggle with a lot of things,
But nothing ever seems to be as bad as change.
I like what I like, or at least I like what I had.
Ever since I’ve grown up, life just seems to make me mad.
I miss my home, I miss my friends.
I miss my parents, and I miss my bed.
Everyone always wants to grow up so fast,
But looking back, I wish I could have made it last.
As my anxiety starts creeping in,
I exclaim Dear Lord let me be a kid again.
I know going home will only help temporarily,
The quickest way to fix this feeling inside of me, is facing it head on with the little light left inside of me, will someone please find the key?
Look, you gotta understand that life can’t always be easy,
It has to kick you around every once in a while to show you the meaning.
But keep your feet on the ground, your head on the clouds, and give a piece of your heart to the loved ones that will protect it.
It’s going to be alright darling.
You are going to be okay.
Life works itself out, but you gotta stick around long enough to find out.
Anna Sophia Apr 2019
Nostalgia nostalgia darling what are you doing to me
Nostalgia nostalgia you’re forcing me to see
The times where I lost myself but got back up again
The times where I had some stupid fun with all my friends
Nostalgia nostalgia you’re very very cruel
Nostalgia nostalgia you take me back to middle school
The moments where I got made fun of for the dumbest things
The moments where I found myself playing into all those games
Nostalgia nostalgia you get worser with age
Nostalgia nostalgia you put me in a cage
I don’t know how the time has passed but you bring it back quite well
In rushes of adrenaline with stories I long to tell
Nostalgia nostalgia I don’t mean to be rude
Nostalgia nostalgia you put me in the weirdest moods
I love you though with all my heart cause you force me to see
The memories I’ve shared and the hills I’ve beat
So thank you nostalgia for coming back today.
In a time where I thank my God and bow to pray.
For the life I’ve lived so far is amazing to see.
Nostalgia nostalgia thank you for doing this to me.
Anna Sophia Jan 2019
It’s annoying.
It’s hard.
Takes your pride away.
But if you wanna be happy.
You have to do it.
Because when you look back in your life at the end.
That fight will probably be trivial.
And you will feel stupid and full of regret.
Because in the end all that matters is knowing you did things for love, not out of hatred and bitterness.
So forgive.
Anna Sophia Jan 2019
What hurts the most?
Not being hurt by a person you barely know,
Or a person you know has it in them to hurt you.
No, that’s not what hurts the most.
What hurts the most?
Being hurt by someone who is the last person you would expect it from.
Your best friend.
One minute you two are inseparable for what seems like an eternity.
Then things change suddenly but also really slowly, barely noticing all the little things.
Until they pile up.
My best friend has been weird lately, only to me.
Barely acknowledges my presence.
Is rude.
Would prefer to be and talk with other people that aren’t me.
Am I not cool enough for her?
Is she desperate for others to like her?
I don’t know.
I’ll I care about knowing is what happened to my best friend.
Because as a person who has been hurt a lot, I’ve never been broken like this.
As a person who has made the poor decision to rely on her best friends for happiness.
I’m crushed.
So what happened to my best friend?
Anna Sophia Jan 2019
I’m just sick of people not appreciating me

I do everything I can to make someone feel like they are doing great
And I never get that in return
I smile to them and I talk to them
I tell them they are amazing
I encourage them

And I get nothing in return.
Am I worthless? Why don’t people care about me? I try my best. Why isn’t that enough? I just want to be appreciated by someone.
Anna Sophia Jan 2019
Be real.
Great writing with structure and beautiful vocabulary is a true gift.
I think I have it,
but sometimes I don’t care.
Because that’s not the most important part of writing.
The most important part of writing is to be raw.
To spill your true and honest emotions.
To move your untouched thoughts directly from your brian to a piece of paper.
Fake writing helps no one,
Lying to be great, only makes you worse.

So do it.
Let your brain run free.
Stop caring about the results.
Just focus on how you feel in that moment.
Let it all out.
Because that’s what helps people. Honesty. Truth. Being raw.
Anna Sophia Dec 2018
I’m a choke.

I make a mistake and I lose it
I ****
But I don’t actually ****
My brain just *****

I’m actually really really good
But a lot of people don’t see that
Because when I’m in front of people everything  is the end of the world for me
I choke

That makes me depressed
Cause I try not to care what people think about me
But ******* I care more than anyone

I am the opposite of a thick skinned person
You judge me
and I break.

I wish people would stop relating my severe anxiety to being a teenager.
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