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Jan 2013
The smell of excrement,
is the smell of aΒ Β rose,
but a thousand fold.
where you see grey,
the sparrow sees gold.
deadly volt,
and thunder loud,
does not come
from dark cloud.
but from predispostion,
in poem, must be missing.
look to the woods,
you cannot see the wolf
in winter's morph,
with bleak at its worst.
these are invisible things,
that rely on more than sight,
that a poet must capture,
before he writes.
there is no party, nor seal,
or cause for zeal,
that can make this poet kneel,
except how poetry makes me feel.
For I,

hear the wolf,
smell the rose,
feel the charge of the cloud,
before it rings loud.
I see the sparrows light,
when I write,
and tree or incline,
no obstacle like "NO TRESSPASSING" sign.
Be a poet, rid the seal and sign,
leave all false laws behind.
lighten the load for the incline,
and all carcasses will be roses,
and bleakness a sparrow hue,
speak to the woods, and
surprise the wolf following you.
Keith J Collard
Written by
Keith J Collard  43/M/Dedham, MA
(43/M/Dedham, MA)   
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