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Dec 2018
ice cold.
she's the girl who sits at the back of the class with a frown on her face.
she's the girl everyone thinks is "too cool" to care.
she's the one who no one gives a second thought to.
they don't wonder.
they don't care.
she acts out just to be seen, but instead she just gets brushed further aside.
she's easy.
she's a *****.
they make fun of her behind her back.
they don't see her other side.
she comes home from the parties late at night.
her hair is in a beautiful tangle, her makeup crazily smeared.
the smell of ***** is on her breath.
she has a distant stare in her eyes.
she walks past her brother faded on the couch.
she ignores his muffles cries.
wants to stop mom being beaten by dad, but knows it won't help
even if she tries.
life isn't a fairy tale, smooth sailing and pretty blue skies.
maybe it is for them.
but for her,
hope fails
and love dies.
Written by
   Carlo C Gomez
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