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Dec 2018
Our Marian Consecration today intimately parallels the actions of Knights before their queen in years past. Knights would come before their queen, kneel, swear their fealty, and solemnly dedicate themselves to be in the queen’s service and do her will. In our consecration today we are essentially doing the exact same thing. Our Queen is Mary, we pledge our loyalty to her and her cause (which is her Son’s Will, for love and for souls), and solemnly dedicate ourselves to her service and being obedient to what she tells us.

Knights were often called to go and fight for queen and country. We are also called to stand and fight for there is a war that rages a great spiritual battle. We fight not with hatred and anger and bitterness and intolerance, but with love, truth, peace, hope, and joy. We do not fight to steal, **** and destroy, we fight to give, to save, and to defend.

When we bend our knees, we humble ourselves. It is an action that leaves us vulnerable and open. It opens doors, opportunities and a whole world of experiences beyond our wildest dreams.

St. Maximillian Kolbe was right in creating the Militia Immaculata. The order of the Knights of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We are like the knights of the past. It is also interesting to note that they specifically consecrated themselves before the Queen and that through the Queen they gave themselves in service to the King.

As Knights we are also called to be courageous and chivalrous. To be kind, gentle, and to honor and respect all especially the women, the children, and those in need. To be a knight was to live a life of service, charity, obedience imitating the life of Christ and his values and teachings. We are knights: go forth now under the Queen’s blessing and favor.
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ShowYouLove  United States
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