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Dec 2018
I am tired Lord and my thoughts drift
Incomplete and jumping one to another
I am safe and warm in your presence here
I feel my body relaxed and drifting to sleep
I will sit with eyes closed and breath deep
And pray that you would help still my mind
My heart my mind my soul find their rest
And in your abundant love I am so blessed
Let me be the one to quench your thirst
For love and souls until you burst
Let me be the one to care for you and dry your tears
Let me be your hands and feet, eyes and ears
Let me rejoice in my weakness and glory in my suffering
That I would lean on you for every single thing
Unite my heart to yours and bring me deeper still
I pour out myself so that you can enter in and fill
The missing piece the hurt deep inside
With love so deep and arms so wide
If it is your will then by your grace allow me to lead
Your children your sheep your people in need
To bring you the love and souls you so desire
With the help of the Holy Spirit to truly inspire
In Mary’s hand I place my own
To walk with her; faith is grown
The quickest way to the heart of the Son
Is through the heart of his mother
Their hearts are connected in more ways than one
The bond they share is like no other
Let me be the one for Jesus with you
And serve Him who is holy and true
Written by
ShowYouLove  United States
(United States)   
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