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Jan 2013
In this tangled web of energies
emerges truth ,
lined with golden love.

Tentacles grasp and hold,
striving to keep smiles alive and well.
Forcing back negative entities.
We rebel primal ways,
expanding facets of creativity

To push forth,
To push off,
To find yourself somewhere in between.

Sunken in the sidewalk’s crevasse.
***** and beautiful, the lotus blooms in harmony

We’re here waiting;

Trying to balance this chaos we’ve created.

Calming minds and steadying tides,
the ocean pulls by Luna’s force.

The subtle aspect,
when we have no control.

The moon rises.
Bending blood;
bending minds, bending emotions.

All subjected to planetary reactions
and protractions.
Measured by our willingness to flow.

Desperately trying to find solace.

We cave.
We faulter, and give in to the moonlight.

Taking in all it has to offer
and becoming reborn within the sun.

A new birth in the light.
Refreshed and retrieved,
we emerge from our reckless physicality
and burst through in spirit.

Light bodies.
Tangible, broken and beautiful.
Amanda Blomquist
Written by
Amanda Blomquist
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