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Nov 2018
One day the sun and I rose in synchronicity
and I stretched up as the light shone down
warming the cracks along my back
from everyone who broke me.

Suddenly it came on strong
the flowing knowing of why I am alive
I speak it as my truth because I can't make this **** up
but I caught on to this notion while the pieces make up all I am.

With you it was the first time in life I could breathe easy
as if I could lean back, close my eyes and finally relax
Noticing all the right small things
I knew you saw me, who I was and could be.

I thought I could trust it because it was imperfect
my secrets glimmered in the dark and you crawled there too
that even though we didn't choose to be human
we could find solace in choosing each other.

I'm not one for being out in the open
my way is to keep my feels on lock and throw away the distraction
then you introduced me to encouragement
and like you and sleep deprivation I was done.

It's all about perspective
I learned you were the light and I the reflection
you act as if I could extract you
to go back to before we met.

Someday I hope you realize I can't just choose love
I am love, unequivocally, eternally, inside and out.
Written by
Nebi  29/F/Oregon
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