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Jan 2013
All the everything that I have done,
Can't help to feel I have just begun.
Won't claim to great,
As I slowly abate,
Where did this all start?

Entered a room crowded with new faces,
Found a vantage point to asset the strangers.
One stood out,
You shined through dust,
But we were so far apart.

Introductions were given without much thought,
Smiles were shared throughout the year.
And then I realized,
I like you,
You had stole a piece of my heart.

Now we taint each other with lust,
Breaking walls that could have kept you safe.
Can't help myself,
I love her,
Our love for each other is but fleeting art.

This rising action is so transcending,
Though the ****** will come soon.
Then we'll fall away from each other,
And it'll end,
That will be the day we part.
I hope it works out... I really do.
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