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Dec 2012
I love you.

I want to introduce you to my parents. I want to tell the world about you and how happy you make me. I want everyone to ******* know - I don’t care how many times I’d have to say it.

I love spending time with you and having you in my presence; it makes me happy.

I love your smile, it makes me happy. It makes me forget all the ****** things in life, if but for a few moments.

I love looking in your eyes, it makes me feel warm inside.

I love hugging you, it makes me feel important to hold you and be the only one holding you and protecting you from everything else. I wish I could hold you more.

I love your laugh, it makes my soul dance.

I love the way you walk away from me, purposefully - I know you’ll be back.

I love talking with you, you’re so smart (much smarter than me). You know how much I love to talk, and I’d stop the world to listen to you forever.

I know my past relationship was unexpected, but that’s over now - I realized how stupid I was for getting myself into a mess like that and I hope you know that too.

I’d love to sit on the couch in front of the fireplace watching movies you enjoy watching, sitting close together under the blankets with you in my arms.

I love walking down the beach with you, watching the waves break and slam into the shore. I know it scares you, but one day, I’d help you overcome that fear if you’d trust me enough.

I’d love to buy you gifts (not too often though, because you know I’m poor, but rich in love), they’d be from the heart.

I’d love to lay in bed with you, my arm around your side and listen to your heart beat methodically. And I’d love to wake up next to you, the sun bouncing off your face and hair as you blink the dreams from your eyes.

You calm me down, I’d quit smoking cigarettes if I was with you - that’s the only stress relief I need. And I believe you’re truly the only other person who understands me the most. You don’t fully know me yet and I feel I know less about you, however, but I’m more than willing to change that.

If you could just give me that one chance to prove to you I can change in ways you couldn’t imagine, you’d make my life complete.

If I only had the courage to tell you these things. If only I wasn’t so ******* stupid.
Written by
Tyler G
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