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Nov 2018

X   O   X
O   X   O
X   X   O

           who the ****
was i supposed
to be calling?
#: but there's no
and there's no

let me just call up
a trend...
   a meme...

           funny funny...
not so funny...

it's still amazing
how existence drags
essence along with itself...
and that

essence is neither
a priori, nor a posteriori,

to compensate
being neither of the two.

since why should
   existence be a priori
to essence,
   or why essence
should be a posteriori
to existence...

oh... wait...
why essence should be
a posteriori to existence?
that part...

so why does the notion
of knowledge exist,
or the fact that some
100 year old old ****,
gives life advice
about how he has
a 20 year old lover,
and he shoots a down trip
of ***** of 1cl
each day?

it's still a drag experience,
no, not Brighton drag queens...
existence drags essence
into its ontological conclusion...
    mors mater...
   matka śmierć...
                     mother death;
and? last time i heard?
she's the ultimus virgo,
she's the (do you couple
adverbs with verbs,
or verbs with nouns
in german? can you couple
adverbs with verbs?
ah... ad- Latin prefix:
  toward... sure... an adverb
+ a verb sounds better than
an adverb + noun) hence?
   ostatnia niewiasta,
the last (or the lasting) ******...
she can't exactly fake
******* over someone
to a dead pulp of prior to
tadpole whipped / egg white
Mateuš Conrad
Written by
Mateuš Conrad  35/M/Essex (England)
(35/M/Essex (England))   
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