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Oct 2018
And They Screamed,
They uttered words of chaos,
And predicted your demise.

They ranted and raved,
Lunatics all of them,
Yet their prophecies rang true.

You burned on the pyre,
A heroe,
A soldier who faught for your country.

Consumed in their madness,
They gave you a gift,
The gift of death.

A cruel eternal sleep!

And They Screamed,
Taking with them hope, freedom and joy.

There you lay,
Amongst the ashes of the deceased.

And there I mourned,
Consumed with guilt,
Engulfed in pain.

The flames of our design destroyed all you stood for,
All you had left.

And They Screamed!

God had shown no mercy,
The sins of mankind too much to bear.
Zainab Ibrahim
Written by
Zainab Ibrahim  21
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