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Oct 2018
Your love is a song and you sing it over me
A rich and full harmony, a simple sweet melody
Beautiful and haunting at turns trembling and enthralled
Something deep inside answers as if called

Your love is a flowing complex dance
Inviting me into a divine romance
It moves and draws me and Iā€™m carried away
To a place so incredible I want to always stay

Your love is a poem so sublimely written
I drink deep the words and am hopelessly smitten
Every thought every line meticulously selected
Just for me and it is why I am so strongly affected

Your love is a masterpiece painted on the canvass of my heart
From what I saw as junk you created a work of art
Your love find the hidden beauty and brings it to the front
The change is real there are no illusions no little stunt

Your love is a story quite masterfully told
From the annals of history and saints of old
It is living and dynamic yet ever constant and true
And it details the adventures of me and of you

Your love is beauty it is pure it is grand
Indescribable and so hard to fully understand
Your love is life itself by it I am sustained
I take comfort that when all else fails your love has remained
Written by
ShowYouLove  United States
(United States)   
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