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Dec 2012

(Poem by Serenus)

Yes, there is an issue

That needs to be addressed

Lately I’ve been feeling

Like you’ve placed me as 2nd Best

Funny, I never knew

I was competing in a contest

Oh my beautiful prize, was it all lies?

-Time to confess

If you wanted to be” just friends”

You should’ve stated your un-desires

But you had an ulterior motive

-The backup plan of a liar

Keeping me in your back pocket

Playing me for a fool

Selling me sweet dreams

While you had your cake-and ate it too

Telling me what I wanted to hear

Lying to my face

If things didn't work-out

With choice #1

You kept me around..."Just in case"

Lost in my own mind

Is there something I missed?

I thought I was first in line

But you had me on a waiting list

Passion in every kiss

What a ***** little trick

It makes me wonder…

What kind of "special gifts"

Did your “first pick” -get?

Loving you was a battle

You don’t see how hard I fought?

Discarding me as your “Plan B”

A second hand -afterthought
Serenus Raymone
Written by
Serenus Raymone  Cleveland OH
(Cleveland OH)   
   Isabel Szatkowski and sassybutsweet
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