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Dec 2012
As she walks along the path
She came across a young man
I am your Queen
I'm in search of My King

The young man speaks to his Queen
Well I am Prince Charming
I'm sorry she says
You're just a boy and are not he...

As she came to a cross roads
She came across another
I'm in search of My King
Can you tell me where to find him?

He asked of her can you describe him
He is quick witted,
Speaks words of love,
Very slow to anger,
When the storm is upon us
He will always stand strong
Will be there when the storm passes.

Well I am you're Knight in Shining Armor
Sorry to say
I'm not in need of rescue
I'm in search of My King, so she walks on...

She came to a lake
What a beautiful lake
There she saw a man standing by a fire
He stood tall & strong
Spoke words of love

She said to him
I am your Queen
I am looking for My King
He is not the perfect man
For we all have our flaws

The man who will protect me
But will share in all endeavors
Sir please do tell
Are you aware
Of where I may find him?

My Queen
You Need Not Look Any Further

I am standing here before you!!!
A Poem by KimLove "The Beautiful Butterfly"
A Queen in search of her King!!!
Kim Love
Written by
Kim Love  Florida
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