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Bianca E Rangel Feb 2014
I've fallen in love
Irresponsibly, irrevocably like Bella in Twilight

It's cheesy
And terrifying

It's deep
And everything I could ever dream
It's romantic

Like a movie
Or a book

It smells like church and has unspoken promises of everything and nothing.
Bianca E Rangel Feb 2014
I'm wearing my  yukata under the zealous stars
Thinking about you
With an aching heart

For this forever luminescent moon
I shall sing
And dance

For all that life stands for
Under these stars
That scream my name

I'm wearing my yukata under the zealous stars
Bianca E Rangel Oct 2013
It is a naked sort of feeling
When you're not around

And I'm colder than usual
In this room of things that fall

As the ceiling continues to drop
My heart doesn't stop hurting

Or keeps my eyes from seeing
Just how empty this room is

When I don't have you.
Bianca E Rangel Oct 2013
Beautiful person
I want to be with you

Although you continue to stop my heart

I want to be with you
Under the sun

Even if one day we have to say goodbye
I won't forget to give you my
"Love Message"

Because I know one day you will return again

You beautiful person
Who continues to hold my heart

I hope you will continue
To protect it

And keep it safe
In your pockets that are so very empty


Sometimes I do forget
That your beauty hurts

And sometimes I forget to smile
At you

So I will continue to watch you from afar

Oh beautiful person
Can I hold your hand?

And walk under different moons with you?

This feeling just wants to burst
Right out of my chest

A feeling adults have never understood

You beautiful person

Continue to stay
With me

Beautiful person, I need to tell you
What's in my heart of hearts

You need to know

Under the thousand suns we crossed
While we watched the many moons

That I fell in love with your beautiful person.
I like listening to J-pop songs and try to come up with my own lyrics.

I don't edit it much, I like the way it's raw and random.
Bianca E Rangel Oct 2013
This concrete bench
Has tear stains

And nicks on the edges
From when we fought

And loved so very hard.
It's been awhile, hasn't it?
Bianca E Rangel Jul 2013
These leaves
Are always falling

And sometimes
I find myself

Stopping myself
From catching them
Bianca E Rangel Jul 2013
I'm falling
Into these clouds
And it's cold
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