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Oct 2018
Do not let your hearts be troubled
My Children, do not fear.
Rather, have hope and take heart
I will never leave you orphans
Nor will I ever abandon you.
Where there is love, there is life
Where there is life, there is hope
I am love, I offer you eternal life
In me are found your peace and joy and hope
Continue to pray and pray with confidence
I am moved by your cries
As a mother for her newborn baby
And even if a mother forgot her child
I, the Lord Your God, will never forget you.
I created you, made you, carved you
In the palm of my hand
I hold you in my arms, close to my chest
In the shadow of the cross there is peace and rest
Give me your weakness I give you my strength
Give me your sorrow I give you comfort and peace
Give me your darkness I give you my light
Give me your fear I’ll help you be brave
Give me your sadness I’ll help you find joy
Give me your chains I’ll help you get free
Give me your blindness I’ll help you to see
Give me your silence I’ll help you to hear
Give me your heart and I’ll open it wide
Give me your mind I’ll lift it up to Heaven
Give me your soul I’ll show you it’s value
Give me yourself I’ll give you all you need
Take Lord and Receive
All that I have and all that I am
All of it finds its source in you
You give and take away
And by your Grace I still remain
Take my life and take my will
Take it all and then instill
Just your grace and just your love
And that, My God will be enough
Written by
ShowYouLove  United States
(United States)   
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