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Oct 2018
.i've had enough... i'm hijacking this linguistic ****-show, formerly identified as the English-language.

don't talk to a drunk
in an attempt of
sobering his opinions,
without first engaging
in his dialectic.

god knows...
he might start
   bis sie

and whatever antagonism
exists for the English,
you can only counter
it with a Zeppelin...
covert for:

              saying something
in German;
i see no other way
to manage this country...
thank god and the almighty
that i didn't bed
even one of their women /

    thank god, and the almighty...
why would a god bore himself
with an omni-
prefix in all the existing realms...
his creation is grounded
upon luck, or chance,
i.e. gambling?

what a waste in terms of
making an observation,
being summoned
qua omni: as being all,
powerful, cited,
    etc etc.
   more like the ******* tickle of
qua et cetera...

ein, oder zwei
     wörter im deutsche...
das ist, alle;
   das ist von etwas nutzen
Mateuš Conrad
Written by
Mateuš Conrad  32/M/Essex
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