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Sep 2018
I see your name appear on my screen and bile rises in my throat.
Are you here to make nice or are you here to gloat?
I used to know you better than anyone but now you're a stranger.
I was so caught up in love that I never saw the danger.
You're an *******.
I am filled with feelings I cannot console.
Perhaps I am to blame.
But you lit the match and you created the flame.
You told me the blame is mine.
But you are doing just fine.
You are seeing other girls.
Inside me, a hurricane unfurls.
Even though I suffer,
I'm glad you've found another lover.
I split down the middle.
My emotions are a riddle.
All I know is that I have a ruined soul.
But somehow,
I don't care if I'm the one who gets broken in half if it means you get to be whole.
Written by
   Khoisan and ---
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