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Sep 2018
How to hide your blackness it the hardest test of them all so now take your pen of "oh no she didn't" And replace it with a blank white paper, not a smudge to see

Don't clap your hands or they will the shackled don't throw your drink cause this is last if you cry well that's your *** show a little class and get rid of all that sass

We will be fine don't "Drank Some good" you will drink wine but not a lot be a lady

And tell your men that they won't be shot if they off that slang and be a grown man if put it in you have to take care of it and you will be a Byron your name will be Bill

This is called cultural appropriation and it will be taken over my nation my name in on the line and your neck will be in a nouse.

You will hang like an ornament on a tree and you work for me I'll whip your back till it bleeds. And you will be begging on your knees but there's no need to plead.
Chris Allen
Written by
Chris Allen  14/M/Austin,Texas
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