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Sep 2018
When I die now
Tell them who loved never to hate
Those hate never to worry
Worry because I won't bother
Bother them with this and that
That piece of mind which wrote this
that yet the heart were in pieces
Pieces that fell and heard a rythm song
A song they' ll sing once every year
Each year as my memories fade from their faces
Never to remember the ugliness of it
Tell not the arts I wrote nor
The words that had Me most
Bt not a word sayed to retain
Scars that had me deep in skin
Say to e'm
It won't be a sad way out
Clothed black because I wasn't pure
Pure from the evils that had me layed under its core
If a die today...
Tell them its a coarse
It will be a celebration in grieving
But they'll understand before judging
That I had to rest
My death left no tears
They'll wish to atest..
#death #conk Never heard the courage to talk Here the piece came
I wrote to be in peace with my concious art..
Benton 254
Written by
Benton 254  20/M/Kenya
     Fawn, Hector, --- and Eryck
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