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Aug 2018
I loved you like a summer day...
You were the light at the end of the tunnel,
In a life of dark clouds and thunderstorms.

and even though you see me often.
I am all alone just like an orphan.
I've traded friends and family,
For depression and isolation.

If what we had was love,
Then I hope I never fall in love again.
Cause once bitten, twice shy.
I can't help but think that we were living a lie.

I thought we were trapped in our own world
Our own paradise and oasis,
Yet it was just a prison of insecurities,
With a myriad of emotional phases.

Lie to me and tell me you love me.
Tell me that you never meant to hurt me.
Tell me that you were still finding yourself.
That you didn't know what love is....

Lie to me,
Cause I don't want to resent you.
Which is why I still make excuses for you...

Which is why I still hold on,
To the last goodbye that you left me with...
And to your aroma when you hugged me...

And most of all,
I hold on to memories of the time,
That you still loved me...
Luyolo Mbulawa
Written by
Luyolo Mbulawa  25/M
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