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Dec 2012
I cried for you,
Yes i cried for you,
When you left me at the staircase,
Below the sky, blue,
when you left me down with torn tears,
With a torn dress and torn shoes..

Oh, I cried for you,
yes I cried for you,
when I remembered what you said last night,
How you left me unmoved,
how you threw my things around,
How you broke my glasses,
When you heard me saying,
When you got me nauseauous..

I cried for you,
Yes, I did cry for you,
seeing you leaving my doorstep,
Seeing you standing outside my window,
I cried I cried till I lost my breath,
Till you choked and choked me till death..
Finally I saw the pain in your eyes,
You too cried seeing me,
Watching me no longer smile,
I had my pills,
They no longer worked,
To bring me out of mayhem,
To make this work,
Atlast i remembered I told you,
Id die..

Fo r your love, for that time,
But then i saw its nothing,
what you felt,
For the love instead of me,
was already dead,

But then i no longer
Written by
Niveda Nahta  22/F/somewhere on the moon..
(22/F/somewhere on the moon..)   
   Timothy, Lucky Queue and Oli Nejad
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