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Dec 2012
I take one step forward, only
to take two steps back,
looking over my shoulder,
afraid to leave you behind.
But he's right there, so close that if
I reach out a hand, I can graze
his white cheek with my fingertips.
But there you are, right behind me,
your arms open wide like you'll
actually catch me if I fall back.
I'm stuck in between now and
a memory, not sure where my heart
is, only sure of the throb of the
questions it holds in its chambers.
Why can't I forget your blue eyes that
bore into mine,
and replace them with the thought of his,
big and brown and innocent?
How can I take his heart in my hands
when they easily crushed yours and left
both of us bleeding?
Dani Huffman
Written by
Dani Huffman
   ---, Sammi and Kendra Hall
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