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Nov 2012
Why might I ask, doth a path lie here
Amidst thorns and angry boughs
Why path, doth thy lie here
When you leadeth nowhere
For so long hath I traveled
Encountering oh so many dangers
Nowhere may I walk
Without a vicious hand drawing up sword
Fiery hate, burning steel
Alas, another life must I rip away
For I cannot lie down and die, no!
Ah, Tamriel, may I not just live in peace
Nay, into your war drawn, a side I must choose
And follow seemingly endless, pointless paths
Much akin to the one lying before me
Ordered to ****, ****, ****
No peace until one or the other side is annihilated
Upon my shoulders this burden lies
Betraying many whom hath trusted me along the way
Until one way or another a corrupted man lies in control
Then off again down another dreary path
Dark Brotherhood seeking my assistance
Ah, but thou art vile murderers
Down with ye all!!
My blade vows never to rise to such hatred and angst
Dragonborn, Dragonborn! Help us please!
Fetch the Elder Scroll, Banish the evil!
Yet another burden
It would seem all of Tamriel needs at least one favor
Yet I do not shy away
For I love thee, Skyrim
I love the smiles good deeds bring, the thanks
I will continue to fight for what I believe
Until to Sovngarde's arms I am graced
I foresee many of these in the future. I have an unhealthy love for the world of Skyrim and I find myself consistently wanting to write stories for every soul who lives within this realm.
Anon C
Written by
Anon C  31/F/Virginia
   Timothy and DieingEmbers
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