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Aug 2018
I never saw it coming

I only saw a happy ending, a fairytale that I was lucky enough to receive

But as we sat on my bed that night, the memories flooded to my head and heart

"I don't want to lead you on any longer" says the man who I had envisioned children with, had written vows for

How foolish of me, we were only 21

I think back to the day I tried to get you to go to Mexico, and you told me you couldn't commit to a trip with me so far away

Yet I had committed my whole entire life to you
My children were yours

I begin to realize how pathetic that is
That I would place my future in your hands
That I would place my future in yours

And that you would place your future far away from me, creating a life of your own where I did not exist

How strange it can be to be living in the same time zone, and yet experience different realities

Perhaps there is a parallel universe where I am exactly what you need

And I am the one who is leaving you behind
olivia grace
Written by
olivia grace
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